French team – Noël Le Graët: « Loyalty to Corinne Deacon is starting to pay off »

Asked by AFP, Noël Le Graët, the president of the French Football Federation, returned to the management of the French women’s team by Corinne Deacon. The boss of the FFF acknowledged « difficulties with some old women who have arrested, or whom Corinne (Deacon) has had arrested« on the once heavy atmosphere, but he notes a positive development. » Today it’s another group, younger and playing in a remarkable way. « Qualified for Euro-2022, where they will aim for the » last square « according to him, the French face Wales on Tuesday in Guingamp to keep the head of the group in qualifying for the World-2023.

« If we could qualify for both the Euro and the World Cup at the same time, it would be a great success, with a very renewed team, which shows the quality of French football« , said Le Graët, praising the merits of a group which appears to him »very supportiveThe Breton leader was satisfied with the work of Deacon, although his image was damaged by conflicts with several major players.

Corinne Deacon

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2023 World Cup Qualifiers

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It was longer, harder

She has been in office since 2017, « It proves that I appreciate her otherwise she would not be there anymore« , he replied, before drawing a parallel with the coach of the men’s team, Didier Deschamps. »Loyalty to Corinne is also starting to pay off. It was longer, harder, because she herself had to adapt, especially with you (the media), perhaps with her players« .

Le Graët did not comment on the sidelining of former captain Amandine Henry, a « complete decision » by Deacon. As for Eugénie Le Sommer, not summoned despite her status as the top scorer in the history of Les Bleues, « Corinne never said she didn’t want to see her anymore« . »Eugenie had gone to the United States (on loan to OL Reign, editor’s note). There is no final choice. That said, there are young people who take up a lot of space today in the France team, so it will not be easy.« , he continued. »There is stiff competition from young attacking players that we didn’t have a year or a year and a half ago.« .

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Le Graët also welcomed the captaincy given by Deacon in September to Wendie Renard, despite a fairly heavy liability between them. « It’s the intelligence of the two, I appreciate. « The boss of the FFF admitted to having encouraged the Lyonnaise, initially hesitant, to accept. »I think she was decided, without me she would have said yes « , he said about « the best player in the world« in central defense, « a strong personality, but a good personality« . Regarding the Deacon contract which runs until Euro-2022, Le Graët kicked in touch. »Contracts are discussed when they have to be discussed. For the moment we are talking about competition, I am not at all in the state of mind to talk about contracts. « 

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