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During a trip to Ghana, former left-back and captain of the France team Patrice Evra expressed his desire to see African football triumph, but also his regret at not having represented his country of birth, Sngal, during his years as a footballer.

France team: Evra does not hide it, he would have pr

His international career, Evra shows a big regret.

A divisive character in French football because of his strong character, his stated ambitions, but also and above all the Knysna episode in 2010, Patrice Evra will never have achieved unanimity in France.

And yet, his immense career speaks in his favor. In clubs, in particular, where the former left-back succeeded in winning Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson and winning the greatest trophies such as the Champions League or the Premier League, but also in selection where the native of Dakar has honored 81 selections between 2002 and 2016.

Evra would have preferred to play with Senegal

And precisely, if he did not only know ups with the Blues, Evra especially nourishes a great regret with his head rested: that of having represented France rather than his country of birth, Senegal. Evra confessed this during a trip to Ghana. If I could go back, I would choose to represent my native country, Senegal, instead of Francefirst launched the former OM in front of the Sports Brief media microphone.

When I was young, my parents gave me the chance to choose my national team and because I grew up in France, I chose France. But I realized later that choosing my own country became political. One of the painful lessons I learned with this pick is that when you play well and win, you are French; when the team loses, you are considered Senegaleseadded Evra, filled with regret.

An African country soon on the roof of the world?

Strong words that confirm the unease between one of the best full-backs of his time and the French public in recent years. And now, the one who has hung up his crampons intends to get closer to the African continent. My dream is to change the image of Africa. I really want, through my social networks, that this generation knows that they can succeed in their own countrywarned the one who had all the same played in a Euro final, in 2016, with the Blues.

Evra does not hide it, he dreams elsewhere that an African team may one day win the World Cup . A strong hope, while Senegal, precisely, seems to represent the nation best equipped to try to finally take Africa beyond a quarter-final of the World Cup on the occasion of the tournament which will begin in less than two months in Qatar. .

Do you understand the declarations of Patrice Evra concerning his regrets with the Senegalese selection? Do you believe that an African nation can create a surprise in Qatar in November? Do not hesitate to react and discuss in the zone add a comment

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