French sales. The best-selling new supercars in 2022

Despite an ecological penalty that never seems to want to stop climbing, supercars still manage to find a few rare customers in France. Porsche 911 GT3 and Turbo, Ferrari Roma or SF90, Lamborghini Huracan or Aventador… Discover the favorite super sports cars of the French.


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What were the best-selling new super sports cars in France in the first half of 2022? The argus reveals it to you thanks to the data of NGC-Data®.


Unlike the principality of Monaco, France has never really been a land of welcome for supercars. And, over the years, France seems to be more and more hostile towards super sports cars. Before even having traveled the slightest kilometre, their buyers must already very often agree to pay 40,000 € in ecological penalties. Only a few rare models manage to escape this “punishment”, such as the Ferrari SF90 and 296 GTB thanks to their plug-in hybrid engines. Worse, in 2023, the ceiling for this tax will rise to €50,000. A few dozen happy French owners were undeterred and took the keys to one of these characterful car productions in the first half of 2022. The argus invites you to discover which « fire engines » they have set their sights on thanks to the data from NGC-Data®.

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An acclaimed 911 GT3

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2022 Porsche 911 GT3 sales

N° 1 – Porsche 911 GT3 and Turbo: 114 registrations


The broad first place of the Porsche 911 will perhaps have torn a sigh of weariness from you. But this victory was not as assured as it seems. Thanks to more precise statistics than before, we were able to rule out this year the Carrera, Carrera S or GTS versions, which were a little too wise. It is therefore only thanks to the GT3, Turbo and Turbo S that the most emblematic of Porsche wins. The 911 GT3 is even the subject of a real plebiscite: with 99 copies, it was the best-selling of the entire range during the first six months of 2022! Good news for defenders of the naturally aspirated engine, which has become extremely rare on the market.

Muscular “grand tourism” is a recipe

The 911 runner-up was almost three times less sold than the GT3 alone, even though it officiates in a much less radical register. This is the Ferrari Roma, which favors grand touring over the circuit. If you rebel to see it qualified as a supercar, you are not necessarily wrong. But there is no consensus on the definition of this term, and we wanted to broaden it here a little to include all the most powerful and exclusive models on the market. This is why you will find the Mercedes AMG-GT on the third step of the podium, even if its « basic » versions can be considered as alternatives to a « simple » 911 Carrera. Here again, the owners have in any case favored the most radical variation, the 710 hp Black Series, which represented two thirds of the 30 sales recorded in the first half.

McLaren eagerly waiting for the Artura

Note also the good form of the Ferrari SF90, despite its price close to half a million euros excluding options, or the prowess of « granny » Aventador, which is on a par with its little sister Huracan. The large Lamborghini V12 may have been boosted by the announcement of the transition to hybridization of its replacement, confirming a certain attraction of wealthy buyers for « ends of race ». On the other hand, despite its atmospheric V10 and the prospect of a conversion to electric for its hypothetical next generation, the Audi R8 lives more and more in anonymity. It only managed to seduce three people in France, five times less than its close cousin Huracan. A record despite everything better than that of McLaren: according to our statistics, the British brand would have registered only one car, a 720S, in the last six months on our territory! Fortunately, the Artura with V6 plug-in hybrid engine could soon help to raise the bar.


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