French Elite Championship – Recap of the 8th day

The end of the championship is approaching, and the stakes remain enormous. Because if the positions seem acquired at the top and bottom of the classification, the last qualifying places for the playoffs are still very disputed. While waiting for the match between the Centaurs and the Bears, which will take place this weekend, the Argonauts are the ones who made the best operation on this 8th daytime.

The results of the J8

Conference A

Black Panthers of Thonon (7-1) 42 – Spartans of Amiens (3-5) 0

Traveling to the Alps, the Spartans held on well at the start of the match, even if the Black Panthers were already leading 14-0 in the 2th quarter. The Thonon team then accelerated severely to close the deal before halftime (35-0). Amiens’ attacking worries were constantly punished by more effective Black Panthers. In 2th half-time, Thonon managed the score and rotated his squad, in order to calmly validate a 7th consecutive league win.

Very clean, Brett Hunchak perfectly led the attack of the Black Panthers. The Canadian quarterback misses only 2 passes (12/14) and throws for 184 yards. He totals 5 touchdowns, for 5 different receivers. Also on the ground, Thonon has varied the pleasures, with Akiva Wedge (65 yards) and Nicolas Khandar (56 yards, 1 TD). On the defense side also Thonon made his law, with 4 sacks, 2 interceptions and 2 fumbles recovered.

Cougars of Saint Ouen l’Aumône (4-4) 21 – Flash of La Courneuve (8-0) 41

As in the first leg, the Cougars fought well, but the Flash was too strong. The La Courneuve club, as often, dominated from the start to make the difference (14-0 in the 1er quarter). Then, Saint-Ouen rather tied the game, which is encouraging, but it was not enough to shake the leader of Conference A.

Due to the defeat of the Spartans, the Cougars retain the 3th place and they therefore still have their destiny in their hands for a qualification in the playoffs.

Without forcing, Conor Miller released a very good game, with 219 yards (10/16) and 3 touchdowns. The American Flash QB has regularly found Stéphane Fortes (5 receptions, 142 yards, 1 TD). On the ground, the RB Jason Bofunda was ultra efficient, with 102 yards in just 8 races, and 1 touchdown in the key. Opposite, Brody Hahn posted 202 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions for the Cougars.

Villeneuve d’Ascq Vikings (0-8) 6 – Asnières Molossians (2-6) 31

It was the last chance game for the Vikings, and they lost it. The counter therefore remains blocked at 0 victory in the league for the Northern club. As for the Molossians, the 2 successes of the season were therefore acquired against Villeneuve d’Ascq.

The 92 team entered this match very well (13-0 in the 1er quarter), but the Vikings reacted well to close the gap at halftime (13-6). On the other hand, the second part of the meeting was very well controlled by Asnières, who gradually widened the gap.

The Molossians shared the job at the QB post, where they are still looking for each other. And the most convincing was Adrien Roux, who threw for 76 yards (9/15) and 2 touchdowns. The defense was also very solid, with only 126 yards allowed and 2 interceptions.

Conference B

Montpellier Hurricanes (0-8) 14 – Aix en Provence Argonauts (4-1-3) 44

Another defeat for the Canes, who therefore remain without a win after 8 days. They paid for a one-sided first half, after which the Argonauts were already leading 20-0. There was a nice reaction, with 2 touchdowns which brought Montpellier to just 6 points, but the Canes then exploded and conceded 24 points in the 4th quarter.

The Provençal club does the right thing in Conference B by climbing to 3th place, and pending the result of the match between the Centaurs and the Bears.

We found a very prolific Michael Pina this weekend. The QB of the Argos has 404 yards in the air and 87 on the ground with 5 total touchdowns. Two receivers finish with more than 100 yards, Michael Boutin (129 yards, 2 TD), and Pedro Rosa (107 yards). For the Hurricanes, Joachim Torrelli was not unworthy, and finished with 183 passing yards, 27 rushing, and 3 touchdowns for 2 interceptions.

Catalan Grizzlys (5-3) 0 – Marseille Blue Stars (8-0) 47

It was the most anticipated poster of this 8th day, and we hoped to relive a tight match like on the first leg. Alas, there was no photo this time, with a demonstration of the Blue Stars, who had come to Catalonia to mark their territory. Bad start in their match, the Grizzlys quickly lost the ball, and the Marseille club punished them. Then, the Marseille steamroller was put in place, and the defense proved to be very solid.

The Blue Stars thus confirm their supremacy in Conference B, with an 8th success in as many games. For the Grizzlys, this defeat may hurt the head but it does not mean the end of hopes. The Catalans are still in second place and they have their destiny in their hands to go to the playoffs, because 1 win in the last 2 games will be enough.

Still very inspired, Kaleb Scott has stacked yards (358) and touchdowns (6). And the QB of the Blue Stars took advantage of his entire attack since 9 different receivers contributed. Vincent Monteiro is the one who has shown the most, with 86 yards and 3 touchdowns. In total, the Marseille attack gained 512 yards in this game. Opposite, the Grizzlys, yet so prolific usually, were limited to 91 short yards.

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