French Cup. Olympique Vendin (D4) is living a waking dream!


While the club had never passed the second round, Olympique Vendin has already spent four this season. Zoom in on one of the two small thumbs of the fourth round.

Vendin-le-Vieil, town of 8,500 inhabitants located north of Lens (Pas-de-Calais) in the middle of mining country. Two football clubs. If ES Vendin was beaten in the first round of the Coupe de France (1-0 at US Rivière), his neighbor continues to make him talk, offering himself a beautiful Indian summer. By beating Maing FC (3-0), Olympique Vendin eliminated their third club from the departmental elite in a row.

“Since the start of the Coupe de France, we have been achieving an exceptional course, emphasizes Orlando Chiaverini, the Vendin coach. We reach the fifth round by beating superior teams on paper. In the first round with a D3 and the last three with a D1, so about three divisions apart each time. We won each time with fairly clear scores, 4-1, 5-0 and 3-0, this weekend. We are really having an exceptional journey.  »

Olympique Vendin had never gone beyond the second round

His team has even already entered the history of this club created in 2004. « It’s a historic journeyexclaims the technician from Olympique Vendin. The club had never gone further than the second round of CDF. Already arrived at the fourth round, with the objective of the jerseys, it was something quite big. But then, with the fifth round, it’s really historic. In addition, that for me, it is my first experience as a head coach of a club. In the past, I had only trained reserves, so it’s even more magical. « 

But then what is his recipe for stringing together his excellent performances? « We start the match without pressure, without being afraid of the opponent, he assures. We have a fairly young team, most of which are discovering the Coupe de France for the first time. They come on the field to play the game, they are at 300%, they have rage and it shows on the field. « 

With a defeat and a victory in the league, Olympique Vendin took advantage of this improvement in the Coupe de France. « At this stage, we have no more objectives, concedes Orlando Chiaverini. We will really want to continue to please our supporters, because each time we can count on the support of 150-200 supporters. Like all clubs, we would like to find a big home team, to please the whole club and our fans.  » Answer Thursday evening during the draw.


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