French Cup. In Audrieu, the Avranches dream has come true

JS Audrieu
The Alderians are happy to face USM Avranches. (Photo JS Audrieu)

After getting out of the trap set by the Etangs (R3), the JS Audrieu (D1) will face the ogre Avranches, resident of National.

It’s the excitement on the side of JS Audrieu, resident of Departmental 1, who is about to experience a historic moment with the reception of US Avranches (N1) at 5th French Cup round. In the premises of the Normandy Football League, Wednesday evening, the club chaired by Philippe Gautier therefore inherited the jackpot, just like FC Mouen (D3) which will rub shoulders with FC Rouen (N2). “We were in the locker room changing for training when the draw was made” he says before sharing the « great satisfaction to meet a very large team » for its players, gathered on social networks to learn the news.

Located between Caen and Bayeux, the Jeunesse Sportive d’Audrieu is especially seasoned in the games of the departmental championships. His qualification (0-1) for the fifth stage of the Coupe de France at the expense of FC des Etangs (R3) will allow, for the time of a match, to rub shoulders with a seasoned opponent, playing six levels above. “We have never played a 5th turn in the competition and it is the first time that a National team stands on our way » emphasizes Philippe Gautier.

Avranches, « the dream poster » for JS Audrieu

Comments supplemented by Simon Fabre, 26-year-old central defender. “We wanted to shoot an N3 or an R1 to continue making history but shooting the biggest, it’s the dream poster after the first four rounds contested. » Face a reference on the region, honor the game of additional jerseys, such were the hopes for this PE teacher located in Versailles and necessarily impatient because of the character « unpublished » of this meeting.

An opportunity that never comes « once in the life of a footballer »especially in an amateur club with only two teams. “Apart from football, we spend our time togetherhe confides. The office is made up exclusively of players. Everyone knows each other here, which is why I came back. » A cohesion which notably allowed the JSA to qualify 10 against 11 against an opponent playing in Regional 3 in the previous round.

Nearly 1,200 people expected in Bayeux

In constant progression for five years, this family club which thrills a town of around 1200 inhabitants finds itself in the spotlight since the draw. Despite the enthusiasm aroused by this poster, the president tries to keep his feet on the ground. « We haven’t changed our habits and the key word remains pleasure » notes Philippe Gautier, player and head of the club for ten years. As a result, the group is moving forward, with some certainties since the place of the meeting has been determined.

“We thank the Bayeux club which lends us its stadium for the occasion because we did not have the capacity to accommodate so many people.says Simon Fabre. We therefore expect up to 1,200 people with paid entries. It’s huge knowing that during the regular season, we are followed by about 100 supporters and even if there is a defeat at the end, we will be proud to have been able to achieve this course. » The chances of qualification are slim, JS Audrieu knows it. But nothing will take away this little piece of history which will have changed, for two weeks, the daily life of these amateur players.

“We are a family club, humble! »

“Indeed we are no longer in our daily grind” laughs Philippe Gautier. An equally edifying observation for Simon Fabre. “We have been on the alert for a week, we are not used to this kind of meeting. You have to manage a lot of things in a very short period of time. » Everything will be done on and off the field to make this moment unforgettable but also “avoid humiliation” on the ground because it will be necessary to hold « maximum time ».

Sportingly, the game plan seems to be clear but the party promises to be beautiful in Normandy as Philippe Gautier hopes. “We want to organize a great party, highlight the children of the cartel, the volunteers, the sponsors. We are a family, humble club. The JSA makes every effort to ensure that this celebration is successful and in its image. »

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