French Cup. A match stopped following racist remarks

In the Ligue de Bretagne, the meeting between Rannée-la-Guerche and Lieuron was stopped two minutes from its end following racist comments.

« A good Sunday, when you get insulted like a dirty monkey in the middle of a football game. » A reserve has been placed but as usual nothing will change. Long live football! «  A player from the Avenir de Lieuron (Ille-et-Vilaine) posted this message yesterday on Twitter. A player who was the victim of racist remarks at the end of the third round meeting of the Coupe de France between RC Rannée-la-Guerche and his club. He also reacted last night.

“Sad end of the match at La Guerche de Bretagne. While the match was of high quality and very balanced, 15 minutes from time, and following a contentious action, racist remarks were made by opposing supporters at one of our players. The match stopped for a long time and then all the players, in solidarity with their colleague, therefore decided to leave the field. «  The match was indeed interrupted at 88 ′.

The victim of racist remarks expelled by the referee

On the computerized match sheet, the match referee indicated « The captain of Lieuron poses reserve to the 88th: » Racist remarks « the score was 3-1 for the home club ». But the official also sent off the player from Lieuron. The pattern is « Making hurtful, offensive or, and, rude words or gestures » with additional information « Middle finger and aggressive attitude ». What can be understood when one is insulted by « Dirty monkey » during a football match.

These facts of racist remarks embarrass the side of the League of Brittany. Because it should be remembered that according to FIFA circular N ° 1026 of March 28, 2006, « The disciplinary bodies are required to sanction any racist behavior emanating from the supporters of one or both teams or from the general public ». The calendar of the Coupe de France – with a fourth round scheduled for October 2 and 3 – does not allow the establishment of an instruction by the disciplinary committee. What is essential on this kind of file to find the authors.

Who will qualify for the next round?

Because the receiving club may be sanctioned with a withdrawal of points or a game lost by penalty. And that will be the first decision to be made. Either sanction Rannée La Guerche for the behavior of his spectators, or sanction Lieuron because his team decided not to resume the match after these racist remarks. But it will be necessary to look at the individual sanctions.

In the disciplinary scale, it is in fact indicated that the « Comment, gesture and / or attitude aimed at a person by reason in particular of his ethnic origin, nationality, geographical situation, language, political or religious convictions, social situation, physical appearance, sexual orientation, sex or his handicap «  are sanctioned with a minimum of five months suspension for their author (s). This also means that RC Rannée La Guerche will have to find the author (s) of these racist remarks.

Since last night, many clubs, especially Bretons, have provided their support. « This is obviously Unacceptable … Bravo to the players for their solidarity despite the stakes, JA Pipriac supports this action » notably reacted Stéphane Roux, the president of a neighboring club. The ball is now in the hands of the Ligue de Bretagne.

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