French Cup (4th round). Lure will host ASM Belfort, Racing Besançon will go to La Chapelle-de-Guinchay

Carmen Campos and Claire Vautier, the handball players of the JDA Bourgogne Dijon, proceeded, this Tuesday evening in the salons of the Kyriad hotel in Mirande, to the draw for the 4e round of the Coupe de France, the matches of which will take place on the weekend of September 24 and 25 and which will be marked by the entry into the running of the National 2 clubs.

ASM Belfort (N2), leader of group B and author of a very good start to the season, will thus have a short trip to make on the lawn of Lure (R1). Racing Besançon (N2) will go to La Chapelle-de-Guinchay (R2).

Derbys are also scheduled and tempting including Vesoul (R1) – Noidans (R2) and a deja vu Morteau-Montlebon (N3) – Valdahon-Vercel (R1).

Finally, Petit Poucet, Massif Haut-Doubs (D3), will aim for a new feat against Méziré-Fesches (R3) while FC 1er Plateau (D2) will play a gala match against Grandvillars (N3).

The draw for Franche-Comté clubs:French Cup (4th round): Sornay (R3) – Saint-Apollinaire (N3) La Joux-Nozeroy (R2) – Chevigny Saint-Sauveur (R2) Grand Besançon (D1) – Marsannay (R2) La Chapelle-de-Guinchay (R1) – Racing Besançon (N2) ) Saint-Vit (R1) – Jura Sud (N2) Mâcon FC (R2) -Jura Dolois (N3) Arcade Foot Pays Lunetier (R3) – Bresse Jura Foot (R1) Champagnole (R1) – Fontaine-lès-Dijon (R2) ) Morteau-Montlebon (N3) – Valdahon-Vercel (R1) FC 1er Plateau (D2) – Grandvillars (N3) Lure (R1) – ASM Belfort (N2) FC Vesoul (R1) – Noidans (R2) Bart (R2) – Frasne (R3) Belfort Sud (R1) – Roche-Novillars (R2) Saint-Loup-Corbenay-Magnoncourt (R3) – FC 4 Rivières (R1) Montfaucon-Morre (R2) – CA Pontarlier (N3) Massif Haut-Doubs (D3) – Méziré-Fesches (R3) Audincourt (R1) – Besançon Foot (N3) Women’s French Cup (2nd round): Jura Lacs – Longvic Bresse Jura – Stade Auxerre ASPTT Dijon – Besançon Foot FC Grand Besançon – Mâcon Bourgogne Sud GJ de l’Arche – Pontarlier GSF Haut-Doubs – Villers Jura Dolois Racing Besançon – Saint-Vit FC Vesoul – Chèvremont FC Lievremont-Arçon – Valdahon-Vercel Perrouse – Val de Pesmes

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