French coach Yorick Treille in contact with Swiss club Ajoie

Yorick Treille will experience a lively end to the season. He who is working with Philippe Bozon and the staff of the France team to prepare for the World Cup, is in advanced contact with the Ajoie team, a club playing in the Swiss elite.

According to Radio Frequency Jura, Treille is part of a short list of four coaches to appoint the head coach of the Jura training next season.

The former French international (41) had almost joined Ajoie in the winter, which was in great difficulty in terms of results (only 9 wins in 51 matches). Last in the National League (Swiss First Division), the club based in Porrentruy will benefit from the restructuring of the elite, with in particular a transition to 14 clubs committed over two years, to maintain itself at the highest level.

The tricolor international defender Thomas Thiry, who played in Bern, has thus signed up with Ajoie next season. On the other hand, he will not find the other Frenchman, striker Lou Bogdanoff, who will not be retained.

Potential successor to Bozon with the Blues

Present alongside Philippe Bozon as an assistant coach during the TQO in Riga last August, Yorick Treille subsequently carried the French under-20 team to victory in the Division 1B World Championship ( 3rd in the world) in December in Tallin, Estonia and promotion to Division 1A.

During the 2019-2020 season, he had allowed the Mulhouse team to achieve an excellent regular season in the Magnus League (5th) before seeing the season and the play-offs interrupted by the confinement due to Covid-19.

The name of Yorick Treille comes up regularly to potentially take over from Philippe Bozon at the head of the France team. The choice of a new coach or the maintenance of Bozon will take place after the World Cup in Helsinki (May 13-29).

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