French clubs finally in tune with Europe

In parallel with an exciting start to the season in the league, French clubs shine on the European scene. With the results of the evening of Thursday, November 4, the six Ligue 1 teams entered in the European Cup have known only one defeat, that of Lille in Salzburg (2-1), in 24 matches in the different group stages of the Champions League, Europa League and Europa League Conference. In the last 16 matches of French clubs in European Cups, PSG, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Monaco and Rennes are undefeated (9 wins and 7 draws).

If Paris Saint-Germain carried France in the UEFA rankings in recent years thanks to its performances in the Champions League, the Bleu et Rouge are helped this season by the five other French clubs entered in the European Cup. All are well positioned to qualify for the rest of the competition in which they participate.

In C1, Paris and Lille are second in their group. In the Europa League, Olympique Lyonnais ensured its qualification and Monaco is first in its group. Just like Rennes in the Europa League Conference. Only Olympique de Marseille are currently only third in their group, but only 1 point behind Lazio Rome, second.

These good performances of the Ligue 1 clubs come as the French championship has offered a quality show since the start of the season, with generally lively and rhythmic matches, and only four matches that ended with a 0-0 in twelve. days. The clubs promoted or at the bottom of the table also offer a tempting game and put intensity to compete for their chances, which prepares the European clubs to face more adversity.

At a pre-match press conference, Stade Rennais coach Bruno Genesio tried to provide some answers to this good form of the French teams: « I think the French clubs are working well, maybe they have relaxed. We have to continue, it was not the same speech not so long ago. Maybe the coaches are improving, maybe – Being that the contribution of foreign coaches also helps us move forward, that’s a whole. We remain a championship in which very young players play, which does not prevent us from having quality in Ligue 1 matches and in Europe. It shows that French training is progressing well among players and coaches « .

If these good results are positive for the UEFA coefficient of France, which has taken the lead over Portugal, they are also beneficial for club finances. A victory in the group stage of the Champions League brings in nearly three million euros, a bonus that goes down to 630,000 euros in the Europa League and 500,000 euros in the Europa League Conference, not to mention the financial rewards for qualifying for the next round.

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