Freewheeling, a Nets player goes after Steve Nash!

Since the departure of Steve Nash, the Nets show a completely different face on the ground, with a tenfold desire and defense, which changes from the first meetings. Proof that the former coach is not lacking in the locker room, he has just been tackled by a star of the workforce on social networks.

Since the suspension of Kyrie Irving and the departure of Steve Nash, the Nets have found a certain desire on the floor. They have just chained two consecutive successes against the Wizards and the Hornets, all with an attitude radically opposite to that of the start of the season. They defend, fight on all the balls, which allowed Kevin Durant to put on his hero’s costume at the end of the meeting.

Nicolas Claxton mocks Steve Nash decision

But the No. 7 was not the only brilliant player on Saturday, he also received the support of the excellent Yuta Watanabe, so precious on both sides of the field, and a Cam Thomas author of 21 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. The young full-back is showing he has the qualities to help his team, so his teammates can’t understand why Steve Nash left him on the bench at the start of the season. Nicolas Claxton sent a small tackle to his former coach.


To understand the nature of the tackle, you should know that the « #FreeCT » was launched by Cam Thomas himself following Steve Nash’s decisions about him. He wanted his chance, made it known on social networks and he fully assumes since the departure of the former MVP. He is supported by Nicolas Claxton in this process, which is rather surprising when you know that offering playing time to one player takes minutes away from others. The pivot supports his young teammate more than the others. In any case, the main interested party reacted to the media.

The first two or three weeks of the season were difficult for me. The fact that the new coach has enough confidence in me to get me to finish games… I can’t thank him enough for that. I also want to thank my teammates, who trust me and pass the ball to me, especially Kevin Durant.

At the Nets, absolutely no one understands why Cam Thomas didn’t have a chance with Steve Nash, when he very clearly has the talent to contribute. And when we see the efforts made since the departure of the coach, we see that the back is not the only player released.

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