Free Rocket League, a few weeks later

The free Rocket League has definitely been a success. The game broke its concurrent player record hitting over a million. The game is more popular than ever, so here are the short-term impacts of this new start.

Over a million players!

Everyone expected a player increase with this increased accessibility. However, many were surprised by the intensity of this player gain. The mark of 1 million simultaneous players across all platforms was only crossed one day after the first season of the free-to-play game. Obviously, the developers and the studio were delighted!

Surprisingly, the players using the Steam platform have also increased dramatically. This is a surprising fact, because with its free turn, Rocket League is no longer available on Steam. Now it’s only accessible at the Epic Games Store for new players. Obviously, if you already owned the game before the transfer, it is still possible to access it through Steam.

According to the Steamcharts website, Rocket League is said to have peaked at over 146,000 simultaneous players on this platform in September 2020. Player average has dropped from around 45,000 for 2020 to 63,000 for September and October combined. That doesn’t count new players to Epic’s platform or other platforms like the PlayStation which make up a huge chunk of the total player pool.

Interest translates to Twitch

October was the most popular Rocket League month of his life. The spectator average was very close to 30,000. For the month of September, it was close to 20,000. These are noticeable and significant increases for the game from Psyonix Studios.

rocket league

Here is the diagram comparing the average concurrent viewers for the game via Sullygnome

This enthusiasm was also manifested on the specific channel of Rocket League, the one where the parts of the competitive scene are broadcast. According to the Sullygnome site, the channel has seen a 12.4% increase in simultaneous audiences in the past 30 days. Listening time also increased 24.9% for the same period. The number of total views would also have tripled.

rocket league

Here is the diagram comparing the RLCS Season 9 to the RLCS X on the official channel via Sullygnome

What’s more, the RLCS X enjoyed greater popularity than Season 9 of the Rocket League Championship Series. The least popular month of RLCS X is still over 4000 average viewers higher than the most popular month of Season 9. This success is likely due to the combination of the new format and the accessibility of the game.

Why is this important?

Last July, we explained the ranks of esports according to the Impact Index. This index is used to establish ranks between competitive games. At its peak is League of Legends and CS: GO. To have a better score in this index, the number of monthly active players and the hours watched on Twitch are essential. These data are valid for more than 60% of the grade.

Impact index

With the many hikes mentioned above, Rocket League is well positioned to move from the third rung to the second. Indeed, Rocket League was in third rank in the second quarter of 2020 and still is for the third quarter. Although his score fell from 8.27 to 9.78, he is still in 11th position.

If the craze for the flying car game and its competitive scene persists through the remainder of 2020, it would be surprising not to see it rise for the fourth quarter. It was lagging behind Hearthstone, PUBG and Overwatch, but only by little! Don’t forget that the RLCS winter season has just started with a regional event in Europe and that the one in North America is just around the corner!

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