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While waiting for the opening of the regular season on October 18, We Sport offers you an overview of the thirty franchises that will compete for the title in the NBA. Today, focus on the Memphis Grizzlies.

The balance sheet Memphis Grizzlies last season

For Taylor Jenkins’ third season on the bench, the Grizzlies continued their ascent reaching heights they had never known. In 2022/2023, Memphis simply had the best regular season in its history by finishing second in the West, winning its first division title – Southwest – and by equaling its best record, already achieved in 2012/2013 at the time of the Grit & Grind. Behind a Ja Morant on fire (27.4 pts, 5.7 rbd, 6.7 ast), All Star and All-NBA for the first time in his career but also elected Most Improved Playerthe Grizzlies wowed, offering one of the most enjoyable games in the league by showing solid on both sides of the field.

In the playoffs, it all started for the best for the Tennessee franchise, with a first victory in the first-round playoff series in seven years by obliterating the Minnesota Timberwolves in six games. Unfortunately, the adventure will end in the next round against the Warriors, future champions, ending the hopes of the young Grizzlies. A more than successful and very encouraging season for the future, which will now have to be confirmed from 2022/2023 against opponents who will be warned.

[56-26]2e of the Western Conference, eliminated in the semi-finals of the conference by the Golden State Warriors (2-4)

The Memphis Grizzlies Free Agency

After a rather successful season, Memphis did not agitate the Free Agency and contented themselves with securing the future of some of their players. The main information remains the extension of Ja Morant, figure of the franchise, for five additional years to the maximum to which he was eligible, namely 193 million dollars which can be transformed into 231 million under certain conditions. It’s the biggest contract offered to a player by the Grizzlies since Mike Conley in 2016, proof that the team is counting on the 22-year-old point guard in the future. Elsewhere, Tyus Jones and John Konchar were also extended, while Danny Green arrived in exchange for DeAntony Melton – and the 23e choice of the Draft – on the evening of the said Draft.

The Draft, precisely, was the most intense period of activity for the Grizzlies. With four selections, the Tennessee franchise was one of the most active of the evening. Memphis thus recovers Jake LaRavia and David Roddy in the first round, players who should quickly integrate the rotation on positions 3 and 4, but also an interesting project with Kennedy Chandler, who will nevertheless have to go through the G-League box, and the interior Vince Williams, already signed via a two way contract.

Arrivals: Danny Green (76ers)

Departures: Kyle Anderson (Timberwolves), ByAnthony Melton (76ers)

Extensions: Tyus Jones, John Konchar, Ja Morant

Draft: Jake LaRavia (19e choiceWake Forest), David Roddy (23e choiceColorado State), Kennedy Chandler (38e choiceTennessee), Vince Williams Jr. (47e choiceVCU)

The workforce ofs Memphis Grizzlies 2022/2023

Leaders: Kennedy Chandler, Tyus Jones, Ja Morant

Rears: Desmond Bane, Dillon Brooks, Danny Green, John Konchar

Wingers: Jake LaRavia, Zaire Williams

Power forwards: Santi Aldama, Brandon Clarke, Kenneth Lofton Jr. (TW), David Roddy, Xavier Tillman Sr., Vince Williams Jr. (TW)

Pivots: steven adams, Jaren Jackson Jr., Killian Tillie

Coach: Taylor Jenkins

[TW = two-way contract]

NB: During the off-season, each franchise is authorized to have up to twenty players in its workforce. When the regular season begins, said numbers will have to be reduced to fifteen players, to which two two-way contracts may be added.

Memphis Grizzlies : Ambitions and ranking

By finishing with the second best record in the entire NBA last year, the Grizzlies have changed their status. From a promising young team, Memphis has become a serious contender for the final victory, which must play in the playoffs each season and pass several rounds. The effect of surprise dissipated, it will now be necessary for the players of Taylor Jenkins to confirm the expectations placed in them by succeeding in a new full season, especially since the franchise has the weapons for it.

Around Ja Morant, already one of the best players in the league in his position, the Grizzlies are equipped to play the leading roles and will be able to enjoy a better experience in major events. Finishing on the podium in the West despite the density of the conference seems in their ropes, just like reaching a conference final that they have not known for ten years and which would mark an increase compared to last season.

Player to watch: Dillon Brooks

Can Dillon Brooks be the Grizzlies’ No. 2 option for an entire season? Interesting in the 31 games he played last year and in the playoffs, the Canadian proved that he was an essential link in Taylor Jenkins’ system. Too often hampered by injuries since the start of his career, he could definitely take off by achieving a full season in line with what was seen last year. With a Dillon Brooks in great shape alongside the Morant / Bane duo, the Western Conference can tremble with fear.

The calendar ofs Memphis Grizzlies in 2022/2023

  • 09/11: Memphis Grizzlies @ New Orleans Pelicans
  • 25/12: Golden State Warriors @ Memphis Grizzlies

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