Frédéric Hermel’s clear opinion on the World Cup in Qatar (VIDEO)

The World Cup is approaching with its share of debates. Since 2010 and the awarding of the competition to Qatar, the emirate has been singled out for its many controversies, in particular for its failure to respect human rights. In February 2021, the British media The Guardian revealed that more than 6,500 immigrant workers would have died in 10 years on construction sites linked to the World Cup. Last April, Abdullah Al Ansari, in charge of security for the Qatari World Cup, warned members of the LGBT community who wanted to display their gender in public in a country with a very conservative culture: « If you buy a ticket, it is to attend a football match and not to demonstrate. So don’t come and insult an entire society.« 

Thus, many voices are raised and some, like Éric Cantona, do not hesitate to call for an outright boycott of the World Cup in Qatar. For his part, Frédéric Hermel also expressed his very clear-cut position. Present in Estelle Noon this Wednesday, September 14, the one who also works as a sports journalist revealed what he intended to do during the World Cup, which will take place from November 20 to December 18: « I am employed by this house (RMC). I follow Spanish football, so I’m going to do my job because I signed a contract and I’m going to respect a contract.« 

Following his speech, Frédéric Hermel surprised Estelle Denis by expressing his wish to see the French team quickly eliminated from the World Cup: « I will have a professional attitude on this World Cup, that is to say, follow the Spanish team, the Spanish media to be able to talk about it. And the France team, to support its opponents, its rivals. Because I wish with all my heart that France does not win this World Cup and that France Qatar 2022 is not remembered as France 98. (…) I do not want the team de France wins this World Cup, so that the image of the French team and of France is not associated with that.« 

On his scale, Frédéric Hermel then intends to boycott the Qatari World Cup: « I am going to do, at my small level, the pleasure strike. I’m not going to watch the games. I will watch the matches of the Spanish team professionally, but I will not watch the other matches. I’m not going to enjoy this World Cup, because for me it’s a shame.« 


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