Fred VanVleet and Terry Rozier tracked by the Suns?

It’s brand new and therefore very fresh, it’s the recap of the day made in TrashTalk. Some like to catch the news one by one, others prefer to have the big paper that sums it all up, so you will find here everything that has been written today by our pens but also what has gone under the radar, without forgetting our small contribution on social networks and the program of the night.

What you can read on TrashTalk since this morning

  • Malik Beasley, John Collins, Eric Gordon… this is the transfer point 14 days from the trade deadline!
  • Damian Lillard became the seventh most prolific 3-point shooter in history
  • Tony Parker on Victor Wembanyama: “The most important thing is that he stays healthy”
  • When Dennis Schroder learns of the transfer of Rui Hachimura… live on Twitch
  • Stephen Curry raises his voice on Warriors game: ‘Losing is crap’
  • LeBron James is at 29 games in a row with at least 20 points: no doubt, the King wants his all-time scoring record
  • Rui Hachimura, a good signing for the Lakers?
  • Mike Brown, big favorite to become Coach of the Year 2022-23?
  • Why did the Wizards drop Rui Hachimura against (only) Kendrick Nunn and 3 second-round draft picks?
  • NBA Trade Deadline 2023 – what will the Dallas Mavericks be up to by February 9?
  • NBA Trade Deadline 2023 – what will the Denver Nuggets be up to by February 9?
  • Damian Lillard vs Pat Beverley, the return of a spicy rivalry
  • NBA Rivals Week officially starts tonight: presentation, program and explanations, it’s here
  • Kevin Durant: rehabilitation is going as planned, reassessment to come in 2 weeks
  • Suns, Warriors: which team could imitate Boston 2022 and finish the season strong?

Other info that you may (or may not) like

  • Kristaps Porzingis could decline his player option this summer to test the market according to Marc Stein. The insider still adds that the interior is liked in Washington and the idea would therefore perhaps be to refuse this option to sign a multi-year lease with the Wizards.
  • Still according to Marc Stein, Terry Rozier and Fred VanVleet would be in the sights of the Suns, who see Chris Paul chaining injuries and who would therefore not be against a little reinforcement at the lead. The name of Immanuel Quickley was also mentioned.
  • And one more frankness on John Collins! According to Chris Haynes, it is now the Pelicans who would think about the idea of ​​​​recovering the leaping winger at the deadline.

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The program of the evening/night

  • 1am: Pacers-Bulls
  • 1h30: Heat – Celtics
  • 1h30: Knicks – Cavaliers
  • 2 a.m.: Pelicans – Nuggets
  • 2h30: Mavericks – Wizards
  • 3 a.m.: Suns – Hornets
  • 4 a.m.: Lakers – Clippers

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