Frankie Muniz in Formula Atlantic: already two podiums!


We have already told you about the reconversion of the young American actor Frankie Muniz. After half a Formula BMW season in 2006 and a Toyota Celebrity race (one-design cup reserved for “people”) in 2004, Muniz will tackle his first full season in 2007.
Instead of spending the winter warm, he decided to compete in 3 SCCA National races (amateur championship) in Formula Atlantic.
For his team, Jensen Motorsport, it was a question of allowing him to discover the circuits (where he will return in Formula Atlantic), to perfect his mastery of single-seaters and to better integrate Muniz into the team. Obviously, Jensen Motorsport in SCCA National, it would be as if ART Grand Prix landed in slalom… Suddenly, to reduce the advantage, Muniz raced in a 2005 Swift / Toyota.

In the end, at Sebring, he finished 2nd, a score repeated a week later at Homestead, where he only passed the checkered flag at 6 seconds behind Mirl Swan, the 2006 champion. Another race and Muniz could climb aboard the 2006 Swift / Mazda for official testing at Sebring. Some will be waiting for him with a stopwatch in hand at the edge of the track …


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