Frank Vogel’s cash answer on Andre Drummond’s future in LA


After a mixed experience of a few months in the ranks of the Lakers, Andre Drummond will have the opportunity to change air this summer. His coach, Frank Vogel, was clear about his will in this matter.

Most Angelino fans, frustrated with his performance, want the adventure to end soon. Others hope that it will be prolonged, so as to wait to see possible progress for him following a good preparation. Whatever happens, the soap opera Andre Drummond may shake the Lakers offseason.

Arrived last March to reinforce the workforce in the absence ofAnthony davis and Lebron james, the 27-year-old big man has not had an idyllic end to the season. Eliminated with his teammates in the first round of the playoffs, he never seemed to have integrated into the system of his new team. Despite this, Frank Vogel dreams of finding him again next year.

Frank Vogel hopes that Andre Drummond will remain a Laker “for a long time”.

The coach risks seeing his expectations met, since the signals sent by his franchise in the league in recent weeks go in this direction. However, leaders have yet to find common ground with the big man from a financial standpoint. However, the sum that he can allocate to him should not prove to be insane.

Will the front office therefore decide to offer him one of the few contracts that will be available to him? To believe the words of Rob Pelinka, delivered a few minutes after those of the trainer, it is the track which should be privileged.

Rob Pelinka said the move to attract Andre Drummond is « something he would do over and over again » if given the choice. It looks like Drummond might have a future in LA.

Everything therefore tends to believe that the future of Andre Drummond should be written in Los Angeles. The interior will nevertheless have a say, and can decide otherwise if it wishes.


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