Frank Ntilikina’s perfect tweet to show off in Dallas!

Now player of the Mavericks, Frank Ntilikina hopes to put the fans in the pocket quickly. So this Monday evening, he did not hesitate to drop a nice tweet to be seen. Operation seduction has begun.

After four first seasons with the Knicks, Frank Ntilikina will discover a new team with the Mavericks. The Frenchman was recruited by the Texas franchise, and hopes to revive. His game in defense is precious, but he will especially reassure on the other side of the floor. Luka Doncic could help in this area.

While waiting to see the result on the floor, especially with a new coach, Frank will have to impress in training. His contract remains precarious according to the latest details, he hopes to make the difference quickly according to his minutes. At the end of the bench, there is in any case the place to win for the French Prince.

From now on, Ntilikina will focus on the rest. Before disembarking at the media day for the Mavs, which will take place this week, the former Strasbourg player took the opportunity to live an unprecedented experience: a first American football match. And to put the Dallas fans in the pocket, nothing better than to support the Cowboys.

First football match tonight 🔥

Ntilikina went well to the Dallas Cowboys game, and he must have enjoyed the show. They won 41-21, with a Dak Prescott with 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. A good evening to discover football, and undoubtedly come back in the future.

Fans in Texas will certainly appreciate seeing the newcomer soak up the Texan culture, even if they mostly expect good performances on the floor. For that, we will have to wait a little longer to find out.

Barely arrived, Frank Ntilikina already goes to attend a Cowboys meeting. A good way to discover football, but also to attract some fans. For that, nothing better than good performance. It’s up to him to play.

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