Frank Ntilikina reveals what Luka Doncic told him in private!

Frank Ntilikina found a smile in Dallas, after a more than complicated debut with the Knicks. He is progressing in particular alongside Luka Doncic, on whom he must defend every day in training, and he impresses in this exercise. He revealed the Slovenian’s big compliment to him.

Despite a successful end to the season with the Mavericks, Frank Ntilikina’s future is still uncertain in Texas. A time forgotten by Jason Kidd, the Frenchman knew how to become important in the playoffs, where his defense played a crucial role in the epic until the conference final. He was able to win his place at the right time, and his leaders now have until July 4 to activate their clause and extend it.

Logically, the adventure should continue for the French Prince, who finds colors after a passage that could not be more dull in New York, a dysfunctional franchise in which it is very difficult to flourish for a young talent. With the announced departure of Jalen Brunson for a 9-figure contracta place will become available in the rotation, Frank Ntilikina could therefore progress hierarchically.

Luka Doncic impressed by Frank Ntilikina’s defense

And even without this element, the leader of the France team should receive the support of a teammate, perhaps even the most important of all: Luka Doncic. Indeed, during a passage in the podcast « Basket Time » of RMC, the defender revealed the nature of his relationship with the Slovenian, and he revealed what he told him in training. Such a compliment coming from such a player, it counts.

I don’t know if we can really put a limit on what we expect from Luka Doncic… Every night he comes out with quite unexpected things, he plays at such a high level. He started the season with difficulty, but the difficulty for him is still 25 points and 10 assists. I think that period is what worked against him in the MVP votes. But he finished well, he is a leader, he took us to the conference final.

I like to defend against him in training, he told me that I was giving him a bit of a hard time and that’s really nice. I’m famous for my defense, it’s kind of my specialty, and I see it as an exciting challenge when I have such a talented player in front of me every day in training. I can also learn, he has basketball in him. It was a great year and I learned just by being his teammate.

In New York, Frank Ntilikina did not necessarily have the opportunity to rub shoulders with great players in training, Derrick Rose being at the end and Julius Randle not evolving in his position… His excellent end to the season and his new place in Jason Kidd’s rotation can probably be explained by his daily clashes with Luka Doncic, to whom he is visibly giving a hard time! The Slovenian will no doubt pass the word on to his leaders to extend the Frenchman.

Frank Ntilikina impressed Luka Doncic in training with his stifling defense, which should play into his leaders’ decision to take him on. to prolong or not. The duo has proven itself in the playoffs, it would be a shame to get rid of them so quickly.

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