Frank McCourt has decided to sell the club, but first…

For Karim Zéribi, Frank McCourt must align himself with Sampaoli’s demands if he wants to make even more profits on the sale of OM.

Euphoric after the victory in the Europa League against PAOK (0-1) and the good series of Olympique de Marseille, Jorge Sampaoli took advantage of a passage at the microphone ofAmazonPrime to send a message to its leaders. Broadly speaking, the Argentinian coach is asking for more resources next season to be able to fight with PSG in Ligue 1 and the other champions of the Champions League. A justified request for journalist Karim Zéribi, who advises Frank McCourt to invest money to earn even more from the resale of the club.

“If he wants to sell and sell well, I think at some point he has to take us to the top. It is there that he will sell dearly and wholesale, that he will be able to recover beyond his windfall. So there is a bet, risky but when you have invested 450 million, do you make this bet or do you play small arms? He is obliged to make this bet and it is the lot of all great business leaders, great managers to make bets on investments! »

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