Frank Leboeuf campaigns for the retirement of Cristiano Ronaldo / Premier League / J27 / MU-Watford (0-0) /

Only a small achievement, in eight games.

2022 is not starting in the best way for Cristiano Ronaldo. Who, at 37, is inevitably beginning to see the end of his career approaching. And it is not Frank Leboeuf, former defender of the English championship, who will say the opposite. Asked about the Portuguese’s performance, which came off as unrealistic despite hitting the post and couldn’t prevent Manchester United’s goalless draw with Watford in the 27and Premier League day, the 1998 world champion indeed asked the five-time Ballon d’Or to think about retirement.

“I think at some point you have to ask yourself: « What am I doing with my life, my career? » Maybe it’s time for Cristiano Ronaldo to ask himself this question, to have a discussion with himself and maybe with his family. To know what he must do for the end of his career, to know if there is a futurethus launched the ex-player of Chelsea or Olympique de Marseille, on ESPN. I don’t want to look at Ronaldo and feel sorry for him, because he’s been at the top for so long… I don’t want him to be a normal player, I’d rather he stop at the top than trying to play two or three years without being the player he was. »

Almost as violent as his yelling at Kurt Zouma.

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