Franck Ferrand’s big rant against the health pass

It will take more than a message from Emmanuel Macron in a t-shirt on Tik Tok to calm the anger of the sanitary passes. Since the announcement of this measure, anger is rumbling among some French people as well as among certain personalities. Among the detractors of this measure taken to fight COVID-19 is the host, writer and historian Franck Ferrand.

The latter does not hide his aversion to the health pass and proclaims loud and clear that he does not want to be vaccinated. He wrote on social networks on Sunday:  » May this August bring you joy in a thousand forms – while you wait for an exciting start to the school year! I will live it, as for me, as a second-class citizen, forbidden to access many public places (if I had been told that such a thing would happen to me in my own country!) And less by refusal of the vaccine than by rejection of the internal passport. SO goes the world… « 

Supported by some Internet users, Franck Ferrand angered some of his followers, some not hiding their surprise at this decision. Others went further and pointed to the  » stupidity «  of such a message, even wishing him to be « Excluded from France 2 For taking such a stand.

This is not the first time that Franck Ferrand has publicly taken a stand against this French health pass. In a column published in Current values, he wrote already a few days ago: « This precious good, this freedom for which our fathers died, do not let it be diminished by ‘responsible’, who swore to their great gods, less than a month ago, that we would never ask for a pass. entrance to a cafe! « 

Clara Kolodny

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