Franchises Prepare to Make Offers for Damian Lillard | NBA

Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard, same fight! The two All-Stars full-backs, second and third best scorers in the NBA, are already on vacation, and everyone is wondering if this new elimination in the playoffs will not spell the end of their loyalty to their long-standing franchises. In particular Lillard, annoyed that his team is stagnating, and who would finally like to join the race for the title.

Friday evening, the person paid tribute to Terry Stotts, the only coach he has known in the NBA, and he has already given his opinion on his possible successor by voting for Jason Kidd, a native of Oakland like him, but also former playmaker and very strong personality in the NBA environment. On the sidelines of this change of coach, The Athletic reports that franchises are monitoring Lillard’s situation very closely.

The Knicks’ dream?

Under contract until 2025, the leader must begin his contract extension this summer which will allow him to touch between 39 and 49 million dollars over the next four seasons. This does not prevent teams, according to our colleagues, to be ready to make offers, and The Athletic specifies that there are in particular franchises in « top markets ». You have to understand the Knicks and probably the two Los Angeles franchises. Why not Chicago too.

It is hard to see the Blazers parting with their leader and one of the best players in the NBA, especially if he decides to recruit Kidd as a coach. But in the NBA, you are never safe from a thunderous exchange. Whether in Washington or Portland.

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