France team: the exit of Le Grat has tensed Mbapp …

The president of the French Football Federation Nol Le Grat has publicly put pressure on the striker of the French team Kylian Mbapp, who refused to participate in a marketing operation during the last rally. An outing that was not appreciated by the Paris Saint-Germain player.

France team: the exit of Le Gra

Kylian Mbapp did not appreciate Nol Le Grat’s comments.

If he doesn’t accept the operation, he won’t have any money, that’s all. Players get 30% of what FIFA gives. (…) For his lawyer, the contracts with the players were supposedly obsolete. It’s not true. But, I repeat, what reassures me is the general attitude of the players. And Kylian, frankly, I don’t play fake ass, I really like him. I think he respects the Fd. Football is not an individual sport.

In the columns of the daily L’Equipe on Saturday, the president of the French Football Federation Nol Le Grat spoke about the situation of the striker of the French team Kylian Mbapp. During the last rally, the Paris Saint-Germain player, in disagreement with the agreement relating to the transfer of collective image rights, refused to participate in a marketing operation.

Agac, Mbapp wanted to express himself…

And unsurprisingly, the native of Bondy did not really appreciate the statements made by Le Grat. According to the sports newspaper on Monday, the 23-year-old prodigy, particularly annoyed, even wanted to react personally on Saturday, but ultimately did not want to fuel this controversy. On the other hand, his entourage showed his incomprehension by deploring the words of the boss of the FFF, which suggest that the Habs want to increase their income.

An impression that seriously disturbs the Mbapp clan while the young talent, since his debut in the selection, has always reversed all of his bonuses from the associations. Thus, those close to the Parisian insist on his desire to allow a better distribution of the money collected by the FFF in favor of amateur football.

Next tense discussions

Logically, this episode will further strain relations between the two camps. Placed with his back to the wall in relation to the threat of Le Grat, Mbapp would have already planned: the slightest decision, on the part of the FFF, would be without turning back. In summary, if the Parisian finds himself excluded from commercial operations, the discussions will be definitively over. Suffice to say that the coming meeting between the two parties promises to be tense…

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