France team, the embarrassment of Estelle Denis


Like other selections, the France team has given up wearing a « One Love » armband during matches of the 2022 World Cup. Estelle Denis reacted on the subject.

This is one of the themes that caused a lot of talk before and at the start of the 2022 World Cup. To support the LGBT cause, several selections had said they were ready to wear a rainbow armband. But faced with the official ban launched by FIFA, they gave up. On his side, the France team had anticipated and already confirmed that she did not want to wear this famous armband. Former sports journalist converted into the animation of more general programsEstelle Denis gave her clear opinion on the reproaches made to the Blues.

Wednesday guest of the show Daily, the ex-companion of Raymond Domenech evoked the subject by making a parallel with the policies.  » Blaming them today is quite easy. When Emmanuel Macron says he’s going to see the France team play in Qatar if it’s in the semi-finals, I imagine he’s not going to go there with a rainbow armband, and there nobody say nothing. Me it bothers me a little that we put everything on the backs of the footballers of the France team. »

« Put everything on their backs (…), it’s a problem »

The journalist then explained the dilemma facing the Blues.  » Today, if the players of the France team, even if they really want to, defend the LGBT cause, they will be sanctioned. Are they going to take the risk of being penalized today? Football is not an individual sport. You engage your twenty-five little comrades. […] I’m not saying that the World Cup is more important than fundamental rights, but putting everything on their backs, asking them to do what our politicians don’t have the courage to do, that’s a problem. »

“Sandrine Rousseau, what did she do? »

And Estelle Denis to drive the point home concerning the famous French politicians.  » Did we give a sign? Do our politicians wave before going to Qatar? Have we decided to break all policy with Qatar? So in fact why could our politicians go to Qatar to trade and there is no problem, and we our footballers, ask them to give up a World Cup, to be sanctioned… I don’t understand . »

The former L’Équipe channel ended up attacking a particular politician. “Sandrine Rousseau who says that the Blues are cowards, it’s super easy. What did she do? What are they doing against Qatar? What action did she do? I didn’t see it, or maybe she did something incredible and I certainly didn’t see it. But I think it’s too easy.


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