France team: Absent from the World Cup, Pogba is regretted by the locker room

Pillar of the French team world champion in 2018, Paul Pogba could not be present in Qatar. Injured since last July, the midfielder has not played a single game with Juventus this season and relapsed, just before the announcement of Didier Deschamps’ list.

This was perhaps the most dominant sector when the title acquired in Russia. But the midfielderFrench team has totally changed in four years, since neither N’Golo Kante nor Paul Pogba are only at the 2022 World Cup. The middle of the Juventus believed in it until the end, but unfortunately could not recover from knee surgery.

“Pogba? He is missed by the group, on and off the pitch. »

This does not prevent his teammates from regularly sending him messages since the start of the competition, in Qatar. «  Pogba? He is missed by the group, on and off the pitch “Assured Antoine Griezmann, at the microphone of Telefoot.  » It is an important element of the France team. We’ll think of him in every game we play « .

« Pogba, Kanté… it shook us up a bit, it’s true »

Teammate of Pogba in club, Adrien Rabiot recognized for his part that his injury like that of Kante had taken quite a blow to French morale.  » We had a certain negativity in us since Pogba, Kanté and all the others got injured. It shook us a bit, it’s true confided the one who perfectly knew how to fit into the device of Didier Deschamps.

“Paul has a strong personality”

 » Paul is irreplaceable (smile) “assured his side Raphael Varane.  » It’s important to have managers, it happens naturally. When we feel the need to speak, everyone does it in their own way. Paul has a strong personality. Other players also talk when he’s not around. This is done naturally according to the needs of the group. You know the frames « .

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