France shoots itself in the foot!

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We thought France was cured after the solid matches of Rennes, PSG, Nantes and Monaco on the first day of European competitions. But the euphoria was very short-lived. This second continental week was much tougher and the return to reality on the ground rather violent. It all started on Tuesday with the terrible defeat of an OM team once again powerless in the Champions League against an opponent yet within their reach, Eintract Frankfurt (0-1 defeat at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille). . Two defeats in as many matches and even the 16th in 17 matches if we take into account all the Olympians’ meetings since 2012 in the competition, enough to become the laughingstock of social networks for an evening.

Once again, the PSG saved the furniture, not without difficulty admittedly against a brave team from Maccabi Haifa who ended up giving in to the MNM (1-3). But Paris is indeed the tree that hides the forest. And the clubs involved in the Europa League and the Conference League have all disappointed, but to different degrees. The dunce cap of the week goes to AS Monaco. Victorious with forceps in Belgrade, the Monegasques were unable to take the measure of Ferencvaros at home, certainly champion of Hungary, but who won at the end of the match. A defeat that is a stain for a team whose initial objective was to do well in the group stage of the Champions League.

Monaco and Nantes disappointed

Another disappointment of the week, FC Nantes. While the winner of the Coupe de France had electrified Beaujoire for its entry into the Europa League against Olympiacos, the Canaries sank in Azerbaijan on the side of Qarabag (3-0). For its part, Nice is still recovering and brought back a 1-1 draw after having quickly led to the score. Finally, Rennes cracked at the very end of the match against Fenerbahçe, in a match yet within their reach which they quietly dominated 2-0. But the expulsion of Hamari Traoré, and fatigue finally allowed the Istanbul club to equalize from a penalty in stoppage time. Too bad.

With a record of one win, two draws and three defeats, the European record of French clubs this week is catastrophic. Once again, France is shooting itself in the foot by losing many points against opponents of equivalent level, and often even lower. Attention, because as we told you last week, the Netherlands, which will recover almost two points at the end of the season on France, are more than ever virtually fifth in the ranking of the UEFA index. It would be a question of avoiding a sacred disappointment…

Ranking of nations with the UEFA coefficient for the 2022/23 season (in brackets, the number of clubs remaining in competition and the number of clubs qualified this season for European competitions) as of 09/16/2022:

-1. Spain 5,571 points (7/7)

-2. Liechtenstein 5,500 points (1/1)

-3. Portugal 5,333 points (4/6)

-4. Czech Rep. 5,250 points (3/4)

-5. Belgium 5,200 points (4/5)

-6. England 5,000 points (7/7)


-8. Germany 4,750 points (7/7)

-9. Italy 4,500 points (7/7)

-9. Netherlands 4,500 points (4/5)


-18. France 3,750 points (6/6)

Ranking of nations by UEFA coefficient over the last five seasons (between 2018 and 2023):

-1. England 91,570 points

-2. Spain 81,998 points

-3. Germany 70.106 points

-4. Italy 64,069 points

-5. France 52,331 points

-6. Netherlands 50,900 points

-7. Portugal 49,049 points

-8. Scotland 35,800 points

-9. Belgium 33,200 points

-9. Austria 32,000 points

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