France regains the podium in the FIFA ranking, Belgium remains number 1 but Brazil is getting closer

October 2021 was a busy month in international football with the continuation of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, friendly matches galore and the Nations League Final Four won by the Blues (2-1 against Spain in final, October 10).

Consequence of these 160 matches on the FIFA world ranking: Belgium, although beaten (2-3) by France in the semifinals of the League of Nations and by Italy in the small final (1-2), retains his first place, but Brazil, still 2nd, comes close to 12 lengths (1832 points against 1820).

France, Italy and Spain go up, England and Portugal go down

France (3rd) wins a place (1779 points) and drives England from the podium (5th). Italy is also progressing by one rank (4th), just like Spain (7th), to the detriment of Portugal (8th). Lionel Messi’s Argentina is stable in 6th place.

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