France-Maghreb, the detection match for young binationals

The sound system launched from the grandstand of the Pibarot stadium breaks the tranquility of the Yvelines countryside. First the anthem of Algeria, then that of France, played in front of a handful of spectators. It is there, on one of the adjoining grounds of the bucolic complex of Clairefontaine, bathed in the rays of the sun, that the under-18s of the two countries face each other on this October morning (6-0). For the coaches, the stake of this friendly meeting comes down to a membership review. On the French side, we already have our benchmarks: a month earlier, the young Habs from the 2004 generation had just played in the international tournament in Limoges. On the other hand, opposite, Mourad Slatni must give with his stentorian voice: “Mehdi, put yourself back! Yassine, go up! « 

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