France in full reflection on the challenges of the e-sport sector

(ETX Daily Up) – How to properly supervise e-sport, a sector currently in full development? How to make it more inclusive? These questions, and many others, were at the heart of the round table organized by Team Vitality, on November 24, between eminent players in e-sport in France and Cedric O, Secretary of State in charge of digital.

Cédric O listens to e-sport players in France. While traveling in the lair of Team Vitality in Paris, the V.Hive in the 3rd arrondissement, the Secretary of State in charge of Digital Transition and Electronic Communications was able to take the pulse in front of eminent actors of the e- scene. French sportswoman. The presence of Riot Games, Webedia, OTP, France Esports, Uniteam and therefore Team Vitality against Cédric O made it possible to obtain an important exchange within the framework of the e-sport Strategy 2020 project. 2025.

The e-sports activity has gained momentum since the first confinement. The territories of France are organizing more and more events on their land, participating in the creation of professional teams, creating public training courses or even offering video games experiments in schools. Society as a whole observes a trend towards the demonization of this cultural genre, for a long time perceived as addictive and anti-social. The public authorities, too, are changing their attitude towards a phenomenon that has been exploding for a few years now.

Video games as a soft power tool

Cédric O particularly appreciates the cultural « soft power » of video games, taking the example of Assassin’s Creed Unity which traces the history of the French Revolution with notable historical precision. Inspired by the cultural evolution of South Korea, impregnated for several years by a competitive culture of video games and become in the space of a few years the ultimate reference in the industry, his wish is to position France as a place strong international e-sports industry. The recent success of Team Vitality or even of the Karmine Corp, French structures, has enabled France to stand out against other nations. France is not late. She is not early either.

France Esports, whose barometer will be released soon on the evolution of e-sport activity in 2021, is already underlining an evolution in the number of consumers. They are now 9 million, 1.2 million more than last year. For the association, these figures above all make it possible to establish contact with young people. The digital transformation is creating a chasm with a generation no longer attracted to television at all, but to new channels in which e-sport is a major relay. Even if the public authorities are very interested in it, the gap with the players requires an increased knowledge of the codes of the environment.

As Fabien « Neo » Devide of Team Vitality points out, the supporters are more and more present in the competitions, all in a very benevolent atmosphere. « They are not just supporters of their team, but of a game, of an ecosystem. It is a community as a whole which pushes to be recognized, to be validated ». This desire to be recognized has become particularly important for an environment that seeks not to please, but to gain respect. Not necessarily as a sport, but in a quest to obtain similar mechanics including instances to create quality supervision and allow anyone to integrate into this universe.

Towards a school education in video games?

One of the great qualities of esports is its ability to include. The physical does not take into account very little then men and women are supposed to be on an equal footing, and to a lesser extent the disabled as well. However, a certain number of societal obstacles do not yet make it possible to obtain true e-sport champions and there are too few of them compared to men. Most competitive video games are otherwise team games, and it’s terribly rare to see a woman in the biggest competitions. These challenges of today need to obtain a concrete answer within the framework of a true evolution of the place in the woman from an early age.

The participants of the round table expressed the wish to see the practice of competitive video games be accompanied by the State in practice. The need for institutionalization is felt to allow the creation of real development for the youngest to build themselves in an increasingly digital society. The inclusion of video games in schools as an option could be a solution and is already the subject of several experiments in different territories. The practice of video games could make it possible to become an object of motivation for certain adolescents not really attracted by the school supervision.

Since the practice of video games is henceforth demonized, its use could make it possible to solve, or in any case to attenuate, a certain number of societal problems. Its professionalization now allows young people to accomplish great things and to fulfill themselves as individuals. For its part, the government seems ready to help the industry to develop and this type of round table allows everyone to better understand the expectations and objectives of both parties.

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