France/Football: Supporters Of Juventus Of Turin Arrested After Nazi Salutes During A Match

France / Football: Juventus supporters in Turin arrested after Nazi salutes during a match

Juventus supporters from Turin were arrested on Tuesday evening by the police for having made Nazi salutes during a match between their team and PSG at the Parc des Princes in Paris. An investigation has been opened into these incidents.

The four men in question were identified and arrested for « public provocation to racial hatred within the framework of a sports arena » after being filmed during the meeting. Along with their Nazi salutes, the footage shows them imitating monkey shouts that appear to be directed at nearby colored PSG supporters.

Some supporters of the Italian team are already targeted by an investigation by the Italian Football Federation opened on Monday after anti-Semitic chants uttered on Saturday in Serie A.

A video of the incident, showing fans of Juventus, who played on the lawn of Fiorentina, circulated on the networks. « La ‘Viola’ (Fiorentina) is not Italian, it’s a bunch of Jews », can we hear on this one.

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