France-England: the supporters’ match

In London, no more pub has room to see the match. And in a hairdressing salon, Tom, in the middle of work, talks with his football client to teasing his evening opponent : « Far be it from me that the French could be arrogant with anyone in the world tonight, but they are very sure of themselves. They have a very good team, but we will cause them problems. »

Anthony, in front of his mirror, hesitates for the prognosis: « I don’t really know, I think we’ll win in the end with extra time. What annoys Tom: « It’s going to be the easiest match of the competition. We have never encountered such weak opposition. The French fans are going to be like the Qatari fans, they are all going to leave at half-time.« 

Then the tactics emerge in the discussion, how to prevent Mbappé from scoring? Tom to the solution: « What he should do is take a player who does not have a yellow card and who is not likely to take one, like Saka for example. »

The confident French supporters

This evening, French supporters will be outnumbered compared to their English rivals: « They will be much more afraid than us, so we don’t need to be as much as them. We will give all the voice we have, even if we don’t have any more a lot. We are always here to support the France team and push them to the max, no matter how many fans there are. »

Jean-Charles and Alex came from Lyon, they are confident in Kylian Mbappé but aware that football is played at 11: « It’s a big game. We have the best player in the world, we want him to be decisive and that we go to the semis”. “Without Griezmann, the team is soft and has no intensity. He (Didier Deschamps) has to put the best team, and that’s where we see that the France team can produce balloons for Mbappé. Without the other players, Mbappé would be nothing. »

French supporters will be about 4,000 tonight in the middle of the English flags.

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