Fouzi Lekjaâ above the law?

He is one of the most influential figures in African football. A few days ago, Fouzi Lekjaâ inherited the post of Minister Delegate to the Minister of Finance in charge of the budget in Morocco. This did not prevent him from keeping his seat on the FIFA Executive Committee, which he joined in March. An anomaly since its presence is anti-statutory. However, Gianni Infantino, boss of the world body, seems to tolerate it.

“FIFA remains neutral in matters of politics and religion. Exceptions may be made for matters relating to FIFA’s statutory objectives ”, this is what theparagraph 4.2 of the FIFA Statutes. Thus, after his appointment by the King Mohamed VI in the new government, Lekjaâ risked being stripped of his seat in ComEx of the FIFA.

Infantino’s complacency

But this is not the case. Especially since the boss of the supreme body of the round ball, Gianni Infantino, seems to have close affinities with the person concerned. Moreover, he did not fail to congratulate him after his appointment on October 9, 2021.  » I have no doubt that your knowledge and experience, but also your commitment, your passion and your personal qualities will have a significant impact in the accomplishment of your new tasks ”, had written the successor of Sepp Blatter in a letter addressed to Moroccan.

The old one UEFA SG even rented the « Work carried out at the head of Moroccan football and within the Fifa Council » and the contribution of Lekjaâ « To the development of our sport and the promotion of its values ​​in your country, in the region and in the world ». From there, we could imagine that the boss of Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) did not risk anything although the FIFA has always praised its « apolitical » position.

Mutko did not have this « privilege »

Indeed, in the recent past, in 2017, Vitaly Mutko could not stand again for the elections of FIFA Council. The reason: he was vice-president of the Russian government. Among the committee which examined the candidatures and which rejected that of Mutko, there was … the influential Fouzi Lekjaâ. Thus, we can think that the latter makes great use of his powers and stratagems to consolidate his posture at the FIFA and stand out as one of the structure’s powerful decision-makers. To the CAF, he already does what he wants.

In this regard, we can recall that despite proven facts of aggression on the referee Bamelak Tessema (Ethiopia), he had escaped without sanction. It was on the sidelines of the final of the CAF Confederation Cup between the RS Berkane, his heart club, and the Zamalek SC To Alexandria. When you are a member of the Disciplinary Commission, it’s easy to clear oneself. As much (or even more) than Patrice Motsepe, president of the CAF, Lekjaa it’s raining and shining in Africa.

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