Fournier at the Lakers? The 6-player trade that circulates on US TV!

Less than a week from the deadline, Evan Fournier is still mentioned in possible trades. Simple ideas for now, although anything is possible with the Knicks. The Lakers are involved, and it is ESPN who imagines a deal with 6 players in total.

Long in difficulty this season, Evan Fournier has been doing better for a few weeks. He has just stalled 30 points in his last outing, proof that the Frenchman is comfortable before the All-Star Game break. But what happens for the Knicks is mainly the deadline, with possible changes.

For now, it is still unclear whether the leaders will take action. No doubt the phone should ring, just to survey the market and see what is possible to strengthen the roster. Nothing suggests that Evan will be traded, but in the event of a good counterpart, it is a scenario that should not be ruled out.

A possible big trade between Lakers and Knicks?

With a rating that increases over the matches, Fournier must interest teams… like the Lakers? ESPN does not release information on the subject, but the media obviously want to see the back evolve in the City of Angels in a few weeks, with a possible 6-player trade imagined by Bobby Marks.

The Lakers receive: Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier and Alec Burks. The Knicks receive: Russell Westbrook, DeAndre Jordan, Wayne Ellington and the first round of 2027 (protected top 14).

Is it really interesting for the Knicks? Let’s say that we can debate it, especially since Evan is doing better, and Burks manages to perform well off the bench. If the franchise still dreams of the playoffs, not sure that this move makes much sense.

After all, Westbrook is showing his limits, while Jordan and Ellington are two veterans who won’t make much of a difference. The idea would remain beautiful for the Angelinos, with several elements capable of making the difference, in particular in the shoot: an area which must be reinforced at present.

Who refuses this trade? The Knicks probably, just like the Lakers actually. An exchange that seems very complex a few days before the deadline, even if everything is possible by then. Evan Fournier can be wary of the turn of events.

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