Formula 1 | Zhou only found a problem with the camera in the helmet

Zhou found only one (...)

Guanyu Zhou didn’t like his first use of the camera in the helmet, but the Alfa Romeo F1 driver explains that he has no problem with the concept of this camera. On the contrary, the Chinese thinks it is progress for Formula 1.

« Personally, I prefer to see my normal on-board camera on video because it’s easier to analyze my trajectories » notes Zhou. « But I think it’s very cool images for the teams and especially for the fans. It’s more interesting for the public. These things are good. »

Zhou was annoyed at the start of the season because of the lack of technical feedback it caused him, since he could not analyze his trajectories and his driving as much as if he had seen the images from the camera placed above. from the cockpit.

« They had my camera in the helmet for Bahrain and I wasn’t really happy because it was my first race, I was still trying to find my best line, and they put those images. After that, it didn’t bother me. didn’t bother. »

Zhou also has a positive opinion on the cameras aimed at the pedals, which we saw in test with Lando Norris recently: « I saw the pedal camera, it’s pretty cool to have, it shows how much the technical side has improved. It’s cool to be able to advance at this level. »

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