Formula 1 | Zandvoort risks losing the license to operate its circuit!

At the end of the year, there could be bad news for Circuit de Zandvoort.

According to an expert report for the court of North Holland, it appears that the calculation of the nitrogen emissions of the circuit is « unclear and possibly incorrect ».

If the calculations prove to be incorrect, the operating license can be withdrawn. Experts reported that the existing calculations are not representative, and this is the crux of the matter as they served as the basis for obtaining the permit at the last minute to hold the Grand Prix.

The condition for granting this permit is that no more nitrogen than before can be released into this vulnerable natural area by the sea. This must be verified again.

The legislation is very strict in the Netherlands: various courts have already canceled such operating permits after errors in the pollution figures.

The expert report indicates that « inconsistent assumptions » were used in the permit application. The previous permit had been issued in 1997, but from those years hardly any emission factors were known for racing cars. It is therefore very difficult to compare whether nitrogen emissions have become lower, equal or higher with the arrival of Formula 1. To be continued …

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