Formula 1 | Wolff wants radio access to race director restricted

Radio access to Formula 1 race director Michael Masi (at the moment) should be restricted to prevent anyone from lobbying for or putting pressure on their team, Mercedes F1 boss Toto said. Wolff.

The final race of the season in Abu Dhabi last Sunday saw Red Bull boss Christian Horner and Wolff once again engage in a heated exchange with Masi during one of the most controversial moments in sports history.

The Australian’s decision to change the safety car procedure to allow a final green-flag lap cost Lewis Hamilton an eighth title and gave Max Verstappen a first.

« I think the team managers shouldn’t speak directly to the clerk of the course. It should be the sporting directors, » Wolff believes.

« I would go even further. I don’t think sporting directors should put pressure on the clerk of the course or exert pressure. »

« I think they should point the finger at situations that the clerk of the course and his colleagues may not have spotted, but no lobbying or pressure. »

This year was the first time a radio talk between the teams and Masi had been broadcast, to give viewers more information, and Wolff said he partly blamed himself for making this decision with other bosses.

« It was well intentioned, but I think we crossed the line … we had the opportunity to speak directly to the clerk of the course and because we are fighting so fiercely for the best interests of our teams, we have all overstepped the bounds, including me. « 

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