Formula 1 | Wolff receives support for his annoyance from Brazil

Toto Wolff was particularly annoyed and revenge this weekend in Brazil. The Mercedes F1 director had some aggressive remarks towards Red Bull and the race management, but is now defended by the one who was for a long time the leader of the firm to the star.

« Being calm, informed, reliable and factual is the most important condition for success in high performance sport » notes Norbert Haug, who was Mercedes’ motorsport director from 1990 to 2012.

“But that doesn’t mean that on a racing weekend like the last one in Brazil, with, say, a lot of questionable decisions all directed against a team, you can’t express yourself that way. ‘team has to show that you can’t go after your team. « 

Toni Vilander, former pilot and now journalist for a Finnish channel, found Wolff « emotional » this week-end : « Maybe Toto should have waited for his comments to be less harsh, but I’ve never seen him so pissed off, like the fact that he swore on the radio. »

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