Formula 1 | Wolff: Mercedes F1 ‘understands’ its performance fluctuations

Wolff: Mercedes F1 'gets it'

Pole in Hungary, two seconds behind in Belgium, then fastest time in Free Practice 1 at Zandvoort: Mercedes F1 struggles to understand why its W13 is so inconsistent. Fortunately, thanks to a better Friday in the Netherlands, Toto Wolff, the team director, wants to be reassuring.

« Yes it’s a bit like that » Wolff said. « We now understand why and you can see it’s about finding the right balance for the car, whether it’s aerodynamically or grip-wise. »

« Spa was an outlier in terms of the state of our car. It’s one of the best circuits here for us and you can see we’re exactly where we need to be, but we’ll see what happens next. Saturday. »

The W13’s ‘zero pontoon’ concept has been questioned a number of times, but it turns out Mercedes worked on plenty of other things to make it work. The Austrian explains that most of the changes are not visible.

« I think it’s more about things you don’t see on the car rather than what you see. Obviously we have a concept of narrow sidepods and the rear floor protrudes more than on other cars. , and that certainly plays a part. »

« But what’s much more important is how we’ve developed the car to drive where the floor is low and what that does to our suspension kinematics, and that’s why, Right now it’s about trial and error. »

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