Formula 1 | Wolff asks fans not to boo F1 drivers anymore

Wolff asks fans not to (...)

Toto Wolff asks fans not to boo the pilots. At Mercedes F1, George Russell said last weekend that he had suffered his first boos, and that it had disturbed him, because he did not understand this sudden surge of hatred.

His boss understands that fans play on their emotions, but he’s more skeptical about why people take on drivers personally. According to him, Formula 1 players have a responsibility to educate the fans.

« I think if you try to see the positives, people are very emotional about the pilots and the characters » Wolff said. « We want to create emotion rather than be lukewarm, and everyone to be a little numb, not emotionally engaged. »

« But that said, the boos go deeper because, and that’s what we have to tell people, if you imagine yourself standing up giving an interview or standing on the podium, being booed is abusive. . »

« That’s why emotional sport has controversy. Because it’s good to be a fan of one driver but not a fan of another, that’s a good thing, but there’s a certain line which you should not exceed. »

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