Formula 1 | Wittich present in Miami, F1 and the FIA ​​can breathe

Formula 1 managed to dodge a bullet that could have hurt it badly, as one of its two new race directors recovers from Covid ahead of the first Grand Prix in Miami this weekend.

We reported last week that the two men who replaced Michael Masi for 2022 – Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich – both tested positive for Covid-19 after Imola.

It had blown « a little wind of panic » to Formula 1 and the FIA ​​as the duo could not travel to the United States until there was a negative test for one of them.

The FIA ​​never confirmed the rumour, insisting the release of medical information was not allowed « unless it is relevant to the development of an event ».

But a spokesperson for the Paris-based federation has confirmed to us that Wittich is indeed present in Miami and will assume his role without difficulty, as confirmed by the photos of his lap yesterday (photo). The F1 teams have also been informed that the weekend will therefore not be disrupted on the side of the race direction.

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