Formula 1 | Without renovations, Monza could disappear from the F1 calendar by 2025


A big dark cloud hangs over the long-term future of the presence of the historic Monza circuit in the Formula 1 calendar.

While Imola will take a full-time second place for Italy, Monza’s place is currently only secure until 2025. And it could end there if funding to renovate the circuit is not available. finally unlocked.

« For the Automobile Club d’Italie, Monza is and always will be the venue for the Italian Grand Prix, » launches ACI President Angelo Sticchi Damiani.

« But the circuit requires modernization work, and since we do not own it we cannot do it. »

« Monza needs a total renovation, including the public passages, the stands and the track. What have we seen or done so far? Drawings! »

« The region has always done its part, but we also need government intervention. We have been told that our spending estimates are too high, but in reality we think the amount is adequate. »

« We must also take into account the current difficulty of finding resources around the world. »

Sticchi Damiani is clear: without these renovations, already promised several years ago at FOM, F1 will no longer travel to Monza after 2025.


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