Formula 1 | Williams F1 podium ‘wasn’t just luck’

Williams F1 is back in the field and in the limelight in 2021. George Russell has made several appearances in Q3 and twice reached the top 3 in qualifying, allowing him to start from the front rows.

In Belgium, his second place on Saturday turned into a podium because of the rain which forced to ratify the GP after three laps. For manager Jost Capito, this remains the best moment of the 2021 season, despite the controversial aspect of the race.

« The nicest aspect was the podium at Spa » Capito revealed. « No one would have believed that we would be able to get on the podium this year, really never. There have been some pretty strange circumstances, but I believe, and the team believe we did it on merit. »

« It was done thanks to the good performance in qualifying, and because of the good strategy and decisions we made in qualifying. It’s not just luck, we really did a great job at Spa. , and it was definitely the most enjoyable time. « 

« No one would have thought we were going to taste the champagne from the podium this year. It was really absolutely fantastic. These are the times you work hard all year round, just to have those few seconds of satisfaction. »

On the other hand, Williams has also had difficult times, especially when it was necessary to separate from Simon Roberts at the start of the season. The death of Frank Williams also shocked the team: “The hardest part, of course, is when you have to change the organization, when you have to make position decisions.

« It’s always, always very tough and especially in a team that has this long heritage. A very sad situation, of course, the saddest one, was the passing of Sir Frank. I think it was a shock to everyone. the team and it’s very, very difficult to overcome. « 

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