Formula 1 | Williams F1: Frustration after bad races

George Russell admits that Williams F1’s poor form from Russia is frustrating for the Grove team. The Briton had a top 3 in qualifying and scored a point in Sochi but since then his team has been in great difficulty and has no longer aimed for Q3 or the top 10.

« I think everyone in the team is a little frustrated at the moment » Russell explains. « I think we need to understand what has changed. We have some pointers. »

“We had some tough Sundays, but we had some great Saturdays to kind of compensate, and it’s easier to hang on to a position than to attack for a position, given the pace of our car. « 

« But for some reason the pace isn’t there on Saturday either, so we have to make the most of the last two races of the season, and make sure we seal that eighth place, because that’s the main thing for us right now. « 

Tire operation difficult to understand

The Losail circuit caused a flat tire for each of the two Williams riders, but Russell reveals that only the front left tire was worn. With little heavy braking and limited traction, it reveals that the rear tires were in perfect condition.

« On this circuit it was really impressive to see how much you could attack. The track was relatively smooth which allowed the drivers to really push hard. From all my experience in F1 it is probably racing. where the pace was the highest, in terms of power. « 

« It was really nice, but obviously it didn’t work for us. It’s quite surprising. You could have possibly come back to the UK with the rear tires on. The wear was just on the front left. »

The future Mercedes F1 driver explains that Williams today is struggling to understand how to operate the gums on his FW43B. He found little logical about it in Qatar.

“If you look throughout the practice, we got better with each lap. Even in FP3, in the middle of the day, the sun was there and we improved our third lap, which is unprecedented, especially in the races in the Middle. East. »

“In Q1 we did a streak of laps, fast, slow and quick, and I improved my times in the second lap. In Q2 we put everything on the table for that one timed lap and we didn’t make it. getting the tires to work in the first two corners, which got us in trouble for the remainder of the lap. « 

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