Formula 1 | Williams: Capito ‘appreciates the politics of F1’

Jost Capito returned to Formula 1 this year, after a brief unsuccessful stint at McLaren in the 2010s. The one who is now director at Williams F1 reveals to appreciate the closed world that is the paddock of the discipline.

Capito believes that one of his main strengths is his honesty, which he believes is an essential parameter in managing the political aspect of F1. However, he also thinks, thanks to his experience, to bring a slightly different vision.

« I like the political aspect of Formula 1, I have to say. I like it. And I like being a little different. » said the German. « Maybe by bringing a little different perspective to the sport, and maybe that can help change the sport a little bit to be a little less political. »

“Anyone who knows me knows that I’m up front and that I say what I think. I get straight to the point and I don’t say bullshit. Everyone knows what the hell is with me. is the way to be successful. « 

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