Formula 1 | Will the capped budgets be lowered as planned in 2023?


Will capped budgets be (...)

Normally, the capped budgets should be further reduced by $5 million next year. This obviously poses a problem in inflationary times… and recurring controversies among top teams, but not only.

McLaren has already announced that it would exceed the ceiling, unable to control the soaring costs.

But Andreas Seidl, the director of the McLaren team in F1, wants to reassure: the orange team will still be able to go to each Grand Prix without exploding the budget limit.

“First of all, I’m pretty sure every team will be at every race until the end of the season. We will have contracts in place, not only with Formula 1, but also with our partners and sponsors. But this year we are facing a significant and unexpected increase in costs, especially with regard to freight, and that is why we are still in discussion between the teams and also with the FIA ​​to find a solution for this year. »

“There is a big meeting next week, of the F1 Commission in Austria, where we hope to find a solution in the best interest of the sport and close the matter. »

« Looking at next year, as you all know, the next step will be the lowering of the cost cap, which we have all agreed on in the past, and which is also the right thing to do. . But at the same time, it is still important that we continue to have this discussion about the influence of inflation on the ceiling limit, whatever it is, by introducing this adaptation already in 2023, instead of setting initial work, which was for 2024. That’s a discussion we still have. But there too, I am completely convinced that we will find solutions. »

Shouldn’t F1 also reduce its number of Grands Prix in the future to limit costs?

“Regarding the number of rides, there is a mechanism in the cost cap, which adjusts the level of the cost cap depending on the number of rides we do. So I don’t expect any problem there. »

Christian Horner is headwind against the current capped budgets at Red Bull, and asks the FIA ​​and FOM to act very quickly. Before the meeting of the F1 Commission next year, he is therefore putting the pressure on.

“In terms of the cost cap issue, it will be interesting to see what the FIA ​​comes up with. They obviously promised to come back to us with a proposal, so we will listen with interest to what will be put on the table. »

Mercedes, one of the leading teams concerned even more by capped budgets, sees its development during the year affected by the limit. At what point ? Mike Elliott, the technical director, wants to be almost reassuring.

“What I can say for this year is that the cost cap is a challenge for everyone and we will have to look at what we can afford to do for the rest of the season. We will continue to develop. In a normal year, we focus on how to make the most of this year and what to implement next year. So we’ll definitely do some experimenting, making sure we’re on track for next year’s car. Whether it goes through a big update will depend on what we find and what we can afford. »

The midfield is waiting to see

On the side of one of the smallest budgets on the set, Williams, Jost Capito speaks with less urgency in his tone as in his expectations for the meeting next week.

“We have to line up very quickly next week. We are discussing the different options. And I’m sure we’ll find a compromise that works for all of us. So I’m pretty confident that we’ll find a solution next week. »

Otmar Szafnauer, for Alpine, says he is open to solutions… if they are reasonable…

« Let’s see what’s on offer. And, you know, we voted at the last Formula 1 Commission meeting, but that was a totally different proposal. So if it’s something reasonable, we’ll evaluate it and vote accordingly. »

Finally Günther Steiner has no illusions: F1 teams will remain at odds with each other after the meeting.

“I hope we will take a step forward, so that we don’t talk about it anymore. And with which everyone can be satisfied, which will be difficult to achieve. But normally we find solutions, that’s why we are here. »


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