Formula 1 | Why Wolff supports Porsche and not Andretti in F1

Why Wolff supports Porsche and (...)

With a new structure and a new owner, F1 is attracting covetousness with its now profitable franchise model for teams. Michael Andretti was the first to show great interest in the possibility of a premier class finish, without success.

After considering the takeover of Sauber, the American wanted to launch as the 11th structure by 2024, but F1, the FIA ​​and the other teams gave him a rather cold reception. Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff explains why Andretti’s candidacy was not accepted.

« Formula 1 thrives because we have 10 teams, each with a different DNA, dedicated to Formula 1, most of which have spent more than a few billion over many years » Wolff said.

« And that’s what made Formula 1 what it is today. If a new team wants to join us, everyone is free to propose it to the FIA, then the FIA ​​and F1 must investigate. to find out if this team is suitable for our activity. This has not been the case so far. »

Conversely, the possible arrival of Porsche in 2026, for the moment on hold, as well as that of Audi, have attracted many compliments from Formula 1 players, which has sometimes left a strange taste. after the welcome given to Andretti. Wolff explains why the presence of an engine manufacturer in a project is totally different.

« If a team comes in with a new engine builder and says that’s their project, then of course that’s a totally different situation and that will trigger different considerations. That’s the whole point of it for me. as a team owner. It’s okay to split the pie if the pie is bigger. »

In the meantime, Porsche will still have to find another ally than Red Bull.

« It’s obviously a shame, as Mercedes it’s a shame that we can’t fight with Porsche. Porsche/Red Bull would have been a mega team. A big brand. And it didn’t work out for reasons. which are unknown to me. It would have been really great for F1 and for all of us in general if they had joined forces for the attractiveness of the sport. »

« Red Bull has chosen a very daring strategy by remaining alone. Being self-sufficient is clearly a scenario that Red Bull has always wanted to achieve, to have its own power unit, not to be dependent on another manufacturer. And it’s on. That’s the strategy they deployed. And we’ll see what happens in 2026 and beyond. »

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