Formula 1 | Why McLaren F1 will ‘recognize’ good drivers in IndyCar

Why McLaren F1 'will recognize

Alexander Rossi joined Arrow McLaren in IndyCar this year. The American thinks that the presence of the team in the American championship but also in F1 is a lever for IndyCar drivers to find themselves in Formula 1, the team having a better ability to judge drivers across the Atlantic.

“Because they have their feet on the ground in this championship, they will have a very direct understanding of how people are performing” Rossi told RACER. “They will know the material they have, they will recognize the race where they did something special, or they will know a qualifying session that they can analyze very easily.

« It’s much more difficult for Sauber to watch an IndyCar race and observe a driver without really knowing if the season he had was the result of an incredible performance by the driver or if he had a lot of luck in a few situations that led to the title. »

« It’s harder to know when you’re not involved. So I think having McLaren and the close ties between the F1 team and the IndyCar team will definitely bridge that gap. And most likely give the guys an opportunity, if it’s earned. »

« That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to come from the organization. If there’s someone doing something incredibly special, beating all of us, it’s a small world and that news is going to travel pretty quickly. »

Rossi not interested in F1

The man who drove for Manor in 2015 does not include himself among the drivers who may have a chance to return to Formula 1 in the future, ensuring that he is now fully focused on IndyCar.

« No, honestly, the only desire might be to get invitations to Austin or Miami, or whatever! No, honestly, water has flowed under the bridge for me. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had . I made a lot of relationships and friends, and I was able to do that as an American. »

« There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in IndyCar and that’s my goal. There are other things I want to accomplish in the sports car world in the United States, and maybe even get back to racing. Le Mans. So that’s really where I’m at. »

“Obviously, if the opportunity arose to test drive a car or something like that, I would jump at the chance, because I still believe that these cars are above all the rest, and that they would just be fun to ride. »

« But as far as actively pushing or trying to get back to that side of things, that’s not where I’m at and what I want to focus my attention on. »

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