Formula 1 | Why Ferrari believes smaller teams have to accept higher budgets

Why Ferrari believes that (...)

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has argued that teams who oppose changing financial regulations and higher budgets in F1 this season should feel responsible to F1.

He claims Ferrari did this when it agreed to the reduced cost cap in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic – and that teams who oppose a cost cap change should adopt a similar view now.

« Whatever the situation between the small teams and the top teams, it’s a sense of responsibility, like we had back then, in 2020 when we went from $175 million to $145 million for the ceiling, » explains Binotto in Monaco.

« It certainly wasn’t in the interest of the top teams to cut back to $145 million. It would have been simple for us to say stop and keep $175 million and say ‘sorry, there won’t be any discussion at all’. »

« We made an effort because we understood the importance of it, we understood the importance of trying to balance the ceiling and the financial situations between the teams a little more. »

« But now we are under the regulations. We know where the limits are, what needs to be improved and all the teams need to understand that and be responsible. »

« If a team is just looking at its own individual interests, we will never go any further. As Ferrari, we agreed even in 2020 to freeze a settlement when we knew our car was very bad and took all the criticism for a whole season. »

« There too, we did it out of a simple sense of responsibility. »

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