Formula 1 | What Verstappen and Hamilton said to each other when they arrived from Abu Dhabi

It was during an interview for CarNext, its sponsor, that Max Verstappen notably spoke behind the scenes of the now legendary Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, closing the end of the season.

Max Verstappen notably revealed the content of the conversation he had with Lewis Hamilton, the big loser of the last round. A respectful conversation, which shows that despite the inevitable hitches, respect always prevailed over the rivalry between the two leaders of the championship …

“Of course it’s incredible what happened, but if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t do the same again because it was too hard on my heart! Normally I’m not at all nervous for a race, but in Abu Dhabi I was ”

“I was at the end, like the whole team, overjoyed. But of course there is also the other side, where they are very disappointed and upset. « 

“The good thing is that Lewis immediately came over to me and said, ‘Good job, congratulations’, you know. And I said, « Thank you so much for an amazing season » because, at the end, I think it was. « 

“It doesn’t matter who won or who came in second, we pushed ourselves to the limit in every race, with ourselves, but also with the car and the whole team. « 

The rivalry between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton was intense, almost too much for the Dutchman who confides in needing a rest!

“Everyone is very happy that the season is over, to have a bit of a break, because it was very tense and very hard for everyone. But yeah, it was definitely a great rivalry. « 

Max Verstappen had confided that sometimes, hatred could have taken over Lewis Hamilton at certain times of the year … But for the Red Bull driver, the stakes were so high that this temporary hatred was only inevitable.

“You look each other in the eye. You don’t talk a lot but you tell yourself a lot and really enjoy the fight. « 

“The emotions are very strong. This has been the case throughout the season so I think that’s to be expected. What was good was that immediately after the race he came up to me. We’ve had our moments throughout the year where we’ve faced each other, but we really respect each other.

This duel at the top triggered a number of comments, very passionate on social networks. Unlike a Valtteri Bottas for example, the Red Bull driver does not seem to pay much attention to it …

“That’s why I try to stay very neutral. When people are very positive, of course it’s good to hear, but that doesn’t change me much, the same when people talk about me in a negative way. This is why I am very balanced. You have the two sides facing each other in general, so you stay very neutral and nothing really affects you. « 

A friendship with Fernando Alonso

There is another driver – besides Lewis Hamilton – whom Max Verstappen holds in great esteem in the paddock, even with a certain friendship. This is Lewis’s former teammate at McLaren, a certain Spanish driver…

“At the moment, I have a very good friendship with Fernando. When I was racing in karting I already liked his style because he never gives up and he’s a real fighter. Unfortunately in recent years he hasn’t been able to fight with that in mind because he didn’t have the car, but I like his attitude, he’s really « on fire ». I am also struck by his great motivation to, at his age, still be there, in F1, and want to stay there for a long time, always wanting to win and do his best … for me, it’s very pleasant to see. « 

What if the Alpine was very competitive next year? Would Max Verstappen fight Fernando Alonso for the world title? Even if it means affecting her friendship with him?

“Of course that would be another story, but we would still have a lot of respect for each other. I would like to see him come back to the front, he deserves it, he is a two-time F1 world champion and it’s very nice to talk to him and see how he thinks about certain situations. « 

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